Tips to Deep Clean Your New Home Before Shifting

Tips to Deep Clean Your New Home Before Shifting
Dec 2018

Congratulations on your finding your perfect home! But before you move there, you must take care of some important tasks, like deep cleaning and disinfecting your new house. To keep you and your family away from allergies and give them a healthy environment to live in, cleaning your home before you move in is very important, as there will be germs and dust all over in your new home. 

While cleaning your new home, don’t forget to check the working conditions of switchboard, sockets, geysers, leakage of taps, drain pipes, etc., and you can get the repair done before shifting. Read on to  know some helpful tips to deep clean your house before relocating there.

#1 Clean all your Rooms, Doors, and Windows: First, dust each and every corner of your room one after the other, then wash or mop all the rooms using a disinfectant floor cleaner to make your new home germ-free. Wipe all the windows and doors as well before you shift there.

#2 Bathroom: To keep your new home hygienic, clean your bathroom before shifting. Wash the commodes, sinks, bathroom floor, walls, etc., using disinfectant cleaner and cleanse your bathroom. Keep a bathroom freshener after cleaning.

#3 Kitchen: Now comes another tedious, cleansing your kitchen. This is the area where you cook delicious foods, where the health of your family begins. Scrub every corner like counters, kitchen cabinets & shelves, oil stains on the walls, sinks, cleaning exhaust fans/chimney, and so on., carefully using disinfectant kitchen cleaners.

#4 Electronic Items: Our electronics become dusty as we don't clean them on a regular basis, especially while shifting, it becomes dustier. Electronics are very delicate and cleaning them can be tricky, a small mistake can do major damage to your appliance. Check the user guide for the safety instructions before cleaning. Use a soft appliance cleaning towel to dust them, spray cleansing liquid on a clean cloth and wipe them slowly.

Note: Don’t use papers to clean your electronics as they can scratch your appliances. Also, avoid direct spray of cleansing liquids on your electronics as it can damage internal parts of your electronic appliances.

#5 Pest Control Spray: As your new home would have been closed for many days, pests like spiders, cockroaches, rats, bugs, lizards, etc., could have made it their home, these pests can spread infections. To avoid all these hazards, call pest control service for general pest control treatment to kill them and to keep your home safe.

#6 Outdoor Space: Once you finish cleaning the interiors of your place, clean the outside area like the corridor, balcony, etc., too. Wipe down the outside of the windows, arrange your plants in the passage, it will make your new home look neat, organized, and welcoming.

#7 Spray Room Freshener: Once you finish doing the tedious home cleaning task, spray some nice room freshener all over your home. So that gives a pleasant fragrance eliminating the strong smell of the cleaning and disinfecting liquids you have used and also make you feel refreshed when you open the door of your new home. 


 Your new home is cleaned and ready to move in, now comes another hectic and stressful task, moving your home goods carefully to your new place. Don't stress about it too much, hire professional packers and movers, they will take care of your move from start to end. We hope that the tips we have explained above have provided adequate useful information.