Best Tips for Safe and Secure Home Shifting

Best Tips for Safe and Secure Home Shifting
Mar 2019


Moving to a new home is so overwhelming, but it’s often clouded by the tedious packing moving tasks. If you are planning to shift by yourself, you must take complete accountability for your goods like fragile items, furniture, and other household items, and also be aware of the risk factors like damaging your goods/property, self-injury, etc., due to lack of experience and manpower, etc. 

Don't overload yourself with the shifting tasks as it will ruin your joy of relocation. Instead, hire packers and movers, who will reduce your moving stress by professionally executing all your shifting tasks from start-to-end.

But, before you hire a professional packing moving company, here are few tips you must follow to make your home shifting easy. 

#1 Look for Packers Movers: Plan your relocation and start looking for movers at least 7-10 days before shifting date for local relocation, and for domestic shifting plan 15-20 days before. This will help you search and hire trustworthy and affordable movers and packers. 

#2 Declutter Goods: Sort out and get rid of all the unwanted; you can sell or donate the usable goods. When you don’t have to pay for moving unwanted items, you will be able to considerably cut down your relocation expenses too.

#3 Pack Valuables: It’s not advisable to shift your valuables like jewelry, financial lifesavers, important documents, ID proofs, laptop, etc., with the packers, so pack them in a backpack and carry it along with you during the move. 

#4 Pack Essentials: To ensure a comfortable stay at your new place until you completely adjust there, pack your essentials like personal care, medicines, toiletries, chargers/power banks, extra pair of clothes, etc.

#5 Update New Address: To avoid missing out on important mails, update your new address in firms like banks, educational institutions, insurance companies, online shopping sites, etc.

#6 Manage Utility Service: Avoid paying bills for services you haven't used, contact your utility service provider like Wi-Fi, gas agency, DTH, milk & water suppliers, etc., to disconnect or transfer your service. 

#7 Prepare Appliances: To avoid your appliances getting damaged/ repaired during the move, prepare your appliance before relocation like emptying water filter, unplugging cables from TV, defrosting the fridge, etc. Also, click pictures of your goods like electronics, furniture, etc., so it’s easy to identify if any damage happened. 


Finally, you found your perfect dream house and planning to shift there, hire packers and movers to safely shift your home goods to your new home. Do proper planning and preparation to enjoy stress-free relocation. We hope that the tips we have discussed would help you move easily, without any hassle.